Mediation Services

Mediation Lawyers Sydney

Mediation is an informal process designed to help people resolve disputes themselves before litigation or once court proceedings have been commenced.

Mediation often improves understanding between the parties.  Compared with going to court in the first place and/or allowing litigation to continue, mediation is usually:

  1. Quicker;
  2. less expensive;
  3. less formal; and
  4. less stressful.

Marc Jaku has been accredited as a mediator by the Resolution Institute and is an accredited mediator under the National Mediation Accreditation System (NMAS).

Marc mediates disputes across a range of matters between parties.  The principal areas of Marc’s mediation practice involve environmental law and planning, building, development and construction, property damage, tort and contract law, registered clubs and incorporated associations, IT, consumer rights and neighborhood disputes, including tree disputes.