Civil Disputes & Litigation

Civil Litigation Lawyer Sydney

At Jaku Legal we understand that differences of opinion can lead to disputes for an infinite number of reasons and circumstances. However, not all disputes require the intervention of courts for their resolution.

Some issues may be resolved before they escalate into a dispute. Other issues that do become disputes may be resolved by way of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration. However, there are some disputes that do require intervention by the courts, especially when ADR methods have been exhausted or are inappropriate.

At Jaku Legal we work with you to identify all available options so that an informed decision can be made that appropriately suits your circumstances. By exploring all options before court or tribunal proceedings are commenced, you are more likely to avoid a protracted and draining experience and be confident with the approach you ultimately take. We are best placed to help you take control.

Laws can be confusing, cumbersome, daunting to navigate and overwhelming. Likewise, the different jurisdictions, procedures, practices and rules specific to different courts and tribunals require guidance from experienced practitioners who have the training and knowledge to ensure the most advantageous approach is pursued so that the most beneficial outcome can be obtained.

Our familiarity with the environment of a dispute, including, court and tribunal processes, ensures that you are properly and professionally represented at all stages in civil litigation.

We are available to make your life easier during difficult times. We understand that looking after your best interests does not just mean winning a case but also obtaining the best possible outcome. This requires ensuring that the costs of dispute resolution are manageable and affordable.

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